A27 works programme

The programme of facilitating works commenced in 2022 with main construction works starting in the spring of 2023. It is anticipated that the roundabout and the new fourth exit into the New Monks Farm development site will be in permanent operation by Autumn 2023, and that all remaining works will be completed by the end of 2023.

Online and offline working

We can deliver a significant proportion of the road construction works away from the live carriageway to minimise the disruption to traffic flow along the A27. Additional works to create new accesses into the New Monks Farm site, Brighton City Airport and the Withy Patch Gypsies’ and Travellers’ site will not impact the A27.

The works activity directly impacting the A27 is taking place in two zones: the live carriage way (shown blue) and offline works to the A27 (yellow).

(Source: The Civil Engineering Practice 22236-1604B)

The works we are undertaking include, but are not limited to:

  • Laydown of new carriageway, cycleway, pavements and
    associated infrastructure
  • Provision of new street lighting
  • Installation of road drainage
  • Installation of traffic-light management system
  • Installation of traffic signage and vehicle restraint systems
  • Diversions of statutory utilities
  • Construction of retaining walls
  • Landscaping and planting

Planned A27 traffic management phasing

PHASE 1: All westbound traffic will be rerouted onto the new A27 westbound carriageway around the roundabout and improvement works will commence between the westbound and eastbound carriageways.

PHASE 2: A27 eastbound traffic will be restricted to one lane between Hoe Court and Old Shoreham Road/Brighton City Airport junction.

PHASE 3: One lane of A27 eastbound carriageway will be diverted onto the new eastbound carriageway between Hoe Court and Old Shoreham Road/Brighton City Airport junction.

PHASE 4: A27 eastbound traffic will be rerouted to the new A27 eastbound carriageway. The junction of Coombes Lane/A27 will remain open but vehicle access to, and egress from, Coombes Road will be via the eastbound A27 only. Access to the westbound carriageway (crossover) at Coombes Lane/A27 will be closed and vehicles diverted to the new roundabout. The crossover closure is for safety reasons due to the proximity of the new roundabout.

PHASE 5: Works to the central reservations and Coombes Road and Shoreham junctions will be undertaken.

PHASE 6a: Lane closure on eastbound carriageway while Coombes Road junction is permanently closed and verge-side works undertaken. PHASE 6b (16 August – 11 September 2023): Lane closure on the westbound carriage way A27/Old Shoreham Road while verge-side works undertaken.

PHASE 6c: Traffic lights will be commissioned on both carriageways and other finishing works undertaken.

PHASE 7a: Overnight closures of the A27 eastbound carriageway to complete surfacing and road marking work. Diversion will be signed via A2025 South Lancing, A259 Old Shoreham and A283 Old Shoreham Road.

PHASE 7b: Overnight closures of the A27 westbound carriageway to complete surfacing and road marking work. Diversion will be signed via A283 Old Shoreham Road, A259 Old Shoreham and A2025 South Lancing.

All traffic management will be under the control of experienced and dedicated Traffic Safety Control (TSCO) and Traffic Management (TMO) Officers. There will be a 40mph speed limit through the roadworks to safeguard our site team and manage traffic flow.