Project helpline

We have put in place a telephone helpline and email helpdesk to provide information and address any issues that may arise. Calls and emails will be answered during core working hours (subject to safe working practices), but enquiries or incident reports can be left 24/7 for an initial response the next working day. You can also register to receive weekly emails of planned works activity in the coming weeks by sending an email to our helpdesk with the subject ‘subscribe’.

Site working hours

The working hours consented under planning for the site are 07:30 – 18:00 Monday to Saturday and 10:00 – 16:00 on Sundays. Prior approval from Highways England is required for Bank Holiday working. Some deliveries and site start-up/shut-down activities are permitted outside of these hours.


The new carriageway is designed to blend into the existing topography of the site. Any disturbed areas will be planted with native species and seeded with a suitable wildflower mix.

Section A shows where the road cuts into the bank for a relatively short distance, with a low-level timber retaining structure retaining existing vegetation and safeguarding potential ecological habitat.

Section B, shows a typical section, where the road follows the existing contours without any undue impact to the bank and associated vegetation.

(Source: Hyland Edgar Driver HED-1172-LA-703)


We have sustainability at the core of our project execution. For example, we are planning to reuse the soil and other substrate excavated from the site in the creation of project assets, such as the roundabout and landscaping. Similarly, we operate within a waste disposal management plan to minimise waste that needs to be removed from site and use a range of skips to ensure that what is removed is correctly sorted for effective recycling. Our site compound provides full welfare facilities and off-road parking for our team and both buildings and hard landscaping will be removed at the end of the project before full restoration of the site.

Site behaviours

We pride ourselves on the proactive behaviours of our site teams and subcontractors coming to site. All staff and contractors undergo thorough site induction training, which covers health and safety compliance, environmental considerations, site housekeeping and being a good neighbour.

Site activity mitigation

We are aware that our site activity has the potential to impact on residential properties, schools, organisations and the road users near this site. We will work to ensure factors such as noise and vibration are restricted and provide mitigation to prevent dust.